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4760 Bean-Oller Rd
Delaware, Ohio 43015

Lovingly prepared in home by Doshi Dough

Cookies can be shipped anywhere in Ohio

$18.00 per pound

Almond Blueberry Lemon

Almond Rose

Almond Triple Berry 

ALPS (Almond, Lemon, Poppy Seed)

Cashew Coconut Maple

Cashew Lavender

German Chocolate 

Peanut Dark Chocolate

Pistachio Lemon

Saffron Delight 

Sesame Ginger Cranberry

Sesame Peanut with Jaggery


Walnut Date Spice

Walnut Maple Cranberry

$20.00 per pound

Cashew Fig Lemon

Peanut Date

Savory Four Play

Sunrise Seeduction


We only ship in Ohio

1 pound     =   $6.00

2 pounds   =   $7.00

3 pounds   =   $8.00

Please email the details of your order.